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Welcome to Moonstone Yoga

I will keep this first blog post short & sweet - just to welcome you to this space, which I hope to fill with musings, recipes & yoga related topics.

To me, yoga is a way of connecting to your true innate being and allowing that to become an expression of how you act in day to day life. To enable your true self to shine is to find unlimited freedom.

“Don't be afraid to let your inner beauty shine, when the light in your eyes & a genuine smile can be seen across the room. When people can feel your kindness before you speak. Become authentic with every interaction, because this is the feeling that cannot fade with age. ” ~Rachel~

A Space to Grow

This website will be growing & changing with me, as I create content and share ideas that are relevant to each one of you. It is my dream & passion to create a community of people who can tap into some of the resources I will be sharing. Whether that be a guided meditation, a yoga class, a delicious & healthy recipe; or a relaxing retreat for you to unwind in.

I am also passionate about the BREATH so there will be a lot of things to share on this broad topic and how we can use this natural gift to change our minds & bodies - easily and effectively.

I invite you to come on this journey with me - wherever it may lead.

Until next time - sending all my love.



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