Suitable for all levels - we will explore our minds, breath & bodies.

Some classes will be a Yin style (holding floor based stretch poses for 3-5 minutes) and some will be more of a gentle flowing style. Sometimes the class will be a mix of the two. 

Any questions or queries about the class, experience levels or injuries/ailments, please contact me directly. 

See you on the mat. 


Private yoga classes can be scheduled for a time, day and place convenient for you. They're a great option for all levels of experience as this allows for tailored guidance and advice to suit your unique body, lifestyle and health needs. You can book a one-off wellness tune up or ongoing classes to create a tailored wellness program. Private classes are great if you are: 


    Working with a specific mental condition e.g. anxiety or         depression 

    Want to refine and deepen your poses 

    Would like assistance with alignment, sequencing and           prop use. At a pace that suits you, remaining in a safe,           supportive environment 

    Injured and looking to learn safe modifications for your       body e.g. back pain, shoulder injury

    Looking to experience personalised techniques to restore     balance and health to your body

    Would like to learn more about & practice various types       of Meditation and Pranayama (breath techniques)  

    Would like to incorporate more self-care into your                 lifestyle as well as many other holistic wellness ideals

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